May 10, 19

The Tremiti Islands are a little paradise on earth, situated just off the coast of the Gargano, in Puglia. The Tremiti Archipelago consists of five islands of San Nicola, San Domino, Capraia and the uninhabited islets of Cretaccio and Pianosa. The landscape on the Tremiti islands is particularly interesting and varied and so you have both shallow, sandy beaches in bays and on headlands, but you also have rocky stretches of coastline with cliffs overlooking the deep blue sea. Diving and snorkelling are great around the islands and there is both natural marine beauty and underwater archaeological sites to discover - even shallows it is possible to come across colourful sponges, sea hedgehogs and starfish. 

There is something for everyone, as the Tremiti Islands are both an ideal place for those looking for relaxation but with plenty of culture and history to also explore.  For example, on the Island of San Nicola, there are plenty of historic walls, forts and towers that recall the history of the islands, which in the past were a stopover between the Balkan Peninsula and Italy and were subject to many invasions. The islands have also been used as places to deport prisoners to, even up to recent times. Netferry recommends 5 great beaches on the Tremiti Islands:

May 10, 19

Today we explore Ayvalik, the home of Turkish olives. Ayvalik is on the northwestern coast of Turkey and is full of artistic and cultural heritage. The city is friendly and relaxed and the surrounding landscape is cultivated with olive trees, a symbol of peace. 

Ayvalik has been invaded and occupied by many different populations, from the Macedonians to the Romans and the Byzantines; and there are even some archaeological sites showing evidence of prehistoric settlements in this area.

May 07, 19

Copenhagen is known as one of the most expensive cities in Europe, this can pose a challenge for those travelling on a budget. So, in this blog, Netferry provides you with some things to do that won't bust your budget. This list was tried and tested during my trip to Copenhagen, so enjoy your stay with these money-saving activities:

1. Visit the Little Mermaid statue

May 04, 19

Montenegro is on in the Balkan peninsula and is bathed by the Adriatic Sea. Over the centuries Montenegro has been a crossroads for Mediterranean cultures, from the Romans to the Byzantines and the Slavs. You can see the influence of Roman, Byzantium and Muslim cultures in both Montenegrin art and architecture.

Montenegro also has a great variety of good quality wines and the vineyards are mostly located in the central and southern part of the country, however, many families make their own wines on a very small scale at home. The most famous wine varieties are Krstac and Vranac. Krstač is an ancient grape variety, indigenous to Serbia and Montenegro. It produces a high quality dry white wine of light yellow colour, it has a rich, harmonious bouquet and is about 12.5% alcohol. Vranac is another ancient grape and is indigenous to the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Vranac is considered the most important variety of grape in Montenegro that produces a dry red wine with a unique taste and character.