Guide of ESTONIA

Estonia is located in northern Europe, on a peninsula in the Baltic Sea. It is a fascinating country with deep-rooted traditions.


The history of Estonia is characterised by invasion and occupations, starting with the Finnish who invaded the Slav and Rus' tribes, then during the Middle Ages Slovenia became territory Denmark and Germany.  Estonia remained under the Swedish empire until 1700 and after the Northern War it became part of the Russian Empire. This domination of the Russian empire at first, then the Soviet union lasted until the 1990s.

Places to see in Estonia

The capital of Estonia is Tallinn, a city that overlooks the sea and has a dense historic center with narrow streets of cafes and shops. The Aleksandr Nevskji is a beautiful Orthodox cathedral and Kadriorg Palace is an ancient palace that houses the foreign art museum. Estonia is also a country of extraordinary natural beauty, for example do not miss the Lahemaa National Park. In Narva, to the east there is a wonderful castle overlooking the river that borders Russia.

Beaches in Estonia

Most of the beaches are wild and surrounded by dunes and pine forests. The more touristy beaches are Pirita near Tallinn, and Parnu, 150 kilometers south of the capital. But also consider Saaremaa or Runhu, in the Estonian islands.

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