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Finland, the country of the famous Northern Lights, extends over the Baltic Sea on a vast peninsula characterized by many small islands. Most of the population lives in the southern part of the country and the first populations that settled here belonged to the Lapponi groups.


Lapponi and Finni divided the Finland until 1154, when Swedish rule began. Wars and revolutions have seen Finland conquered and then divided between Sweden and Russia.The Russian empire ruled until 1917, when it became independent, even though it was still obligated by the USSR until the 1947 Treaty of Paris. In 1995 Finland became a member of the European Union.

Places to see in Finland

Helsinki, the capital, is a fascinating place full of parks and greenery. The main symbol of the city is its Duomo, close by are wonderful Art Nouveau buildings. Suomenlinna, is a fortress reachable by ferry from Helsinki, today it is a neighborhood with about 800 residents, whose houses have been built from the bastions of the fortress. There are many enchanting places in the towns of the archipelago, Mariehamn has wooden houses and lighthouses that dominate the islands. The Lake Region is also not to be missed, with islands, rivers and canals surrounded by greenery. The region of Lapland offers breathtaking views and it is here that you can admire the Northern Lights and of course - do not miss the village where Santa Claus lives!

Finnish food

The culinary tradition of Finland is seasonal, it is a cuisine based on simple products like milk, fish, meat, potatoes, vegetables and cereals. Ruisleipä is the typical rye bread that is used in many dishes, there many types of this bread, which is also eaten for breakfast with butter. Herring is famous national food and is used as the basis for many typical dishes, along with salmon. Kalakukko is a fish pie, generally filled with salmon, all served with a loaf of rye bread. Leipajuusto is a cow's milk cheese, which is diced and served fried.

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