The French Antilles are a small group of Caribbean islands belonging to France, they are a paradise on earth and perfect for a holiday. The main islands are Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy. There are also some smaller ones like La Désirade, Marie-Galante, and Les Saintes which are truly unspoilt and full of biodiversity.

Guadeloupe is the largest, most visited island in the archipelago and is fully equipped for tourist, it has everything you need for a great holiday. The islands provide nightlife and entertainment in perfect balance with breathtaking tropical beaches and clear waters.

Martinique is a perfect place to enjoy unspoiled nature and tranquillity. Although Saint Martin is the smallest of the archipelago's largest islands, it is the most unusual as the territory is divided between France and Holland and is home to Creole culture. The southern area of the island is known as Sin Marteen and is part of the Netherlands, the northern part of the island is part of the French Republic.

Saint Barthelemy is the most luxurious island, in addition to the white sandy beaches and transparent waters; the centre is full of designer shops and the harbour, full of yachts and fancy restaurants!

A brief history

The first human settlements date back to 2000 BC when the Ciboney fishermen from Florida settled on the territory. Then the islands were then discovered by Christopher Columbus and Martinique was most exploited in the 1500s during European colonization.

Places to visit

While you are in the French Antilles do not miss the amazing nature, such as the massive Guadalupe National Park, that also includes a volcanic complex. Also on Guadalupe, we recommend walking up to Pointe de la Grand Vigie, to see the beautiful the Caribbean sea from above. In northern Martinique, do not miss the Pelee volcano, which is over 1400 meters high!

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