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The beautiful island of Paros has what everyone wants in Greek island, crystal clear sea and sandy beaches under a blinding sun.


Like most of the Cyclades, Paros is not very green and it is mainly rocky, the island has been famous for the production of marble since ancient times. Marble extracted from its quarries to sculpt the famous Greek masterpieces. Since ancient times Paros has been conquered by numerous populations including the Macedonians, the Romans, Byzantines and Venetians and there are numerous archaeological sites that prove this. There are numerous monasteries on the island such as the cathedral of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, known as the 'one hundred-door church' that is said to have been founded by St. Helena herself, mother of Constantine, during her journey to the Holy Land.

There are also impressive cliffs, wide valleys and very long beaches to relax on, historic architecture to admire but there are also great parties and nightlife. Paros retains its authentic charm with little fishing villages where people still live on agriculture and where you can find the typical white houses with bright colours against a backdrop of blue sea.


You can find every aspect of Greek culture on Paros, including local gastronomic delights! One delicacy is 'mizithra', a goat’s cheese similar to feta, also 'gouna', a sun-dried fish and 'petimeznia' which are pumpkin sweets. 


Beach lovers here will find their paradise, two of the most beautiful and well known on the island are Drios with transparent water and Chrisi Atki, which is also called the golden beach. There are also Livadi, Pisso and Logaras and the Nea Chrisi Atki, where every August they hold a pro windsurfing competition.

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