The Dodecanese are a group of more than one hundred and sixty islands and are situated in Greece close to the border with Turkey. These islands vary in size and development, from large and well-developed islands such as Rhodes to isolated and lesser-known islets. The Aegean Sea cradles and laps the jagged coast and the islands are full of flowers, colours and fragrances that create a very special borderland between the East and West.

Facts about the Islands 

The Dodecanese islands are famous for their clear and transparent water, sand and pebble beaches and remarkable archaeological sites. There are Byzantine monuments and medieval buildings as a result of Venetian occupation that they endured after the Fourth Crusade. This established the largest island Rhodes as the centre of the archipelago. The islands were dominated by the Knights of Rhodes who also defended the smaller islands from pirate attacks from the Turks in 1522, in 1912 the islands became an Italian colony.

These islands represent true Greek authenticity, they are still wild and nature is intact here more than in other tourist destinations in Greece, so they retain a kind of charm. You can still find deserted beaches in the Dodecanese islands even in the middle of August when Greece is in the height of the tourist season.  Each island has a different character; Tilos has wild, lush nature and is perfect for trekking. Kalymnos is a rock climbers paradise. Karpathos has strong winds and is the home of kitesurfing. Families and those looking for sports and adventure will enjoys these islands that are also full of history and culture. In recent years the islands have become more popular with tourists, this trend is set to continue, so don't wait around - go and explore the Dodecanese Islands now!

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