Guide of LAVRIO

Lavrio is in the southern Attica region, a city famous for its port and silver mines found in the city.

Places to visit

Lavrio’s silver mines first attracted the Athenians to the city and they mined the silver to produce coins. The mines have been owned by the state since 1992 and they have begun a project to create a technological museum for tourists.

The city has undergone very rapid changes due to the development of its port and has become an important direct link to the Cyclades and the islands of the northern Aegean. Today Lavrio has lots of taverns, restaurants and bars to offer the tourists refreshment and relaxation.

The fish and meat market, Ta Pasaradika, is worth a visit, it is located in a neoclassical building. Lavrio is also home to Toriko, one of the largest amphitheatres in the whole of Greece. Lavrio is about 60 km from Athens and about 10 km from Capo Sounion, which is a temple dedicated to Poseidon.

Opposite Lavrio there is also the Island of Exile called Makronissos, the former prison on the island was notorious but today it is uninhabited today.


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