Mantoudi is on the Euboean Peninsula and is a village played an important role in the past due to the presence of mines, which today are closed.


The town, like the whole region, had a period of great splendour during the Byzantine era. During the Ottoman domination, the Turks heavily influenced the culture and social structure in Mantoudi. The Second World War destroyed some historical buildings with its bombings. 

Places to visit

Near Mantoudi there are some places and points of natural interest not to be missed, Akra Yero or Akra Kalepo. Prehistoric fossils have been found in the town, which tells the flourishing life that was in the Kirea region.


There are beautiful beaches close to the town of Mantoudi, such as Kochili, which is a pebble beach with crystal clear sea. Daphnopotamos is a beautiful beach not to be missed with lots of amenities, its ideal for spending a day with children. There is also Kymasi Beach on a narrow strip of sand, with bars and restaurants.

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