Argo-Saronic Gulf is a term sometimes used to combine the adjacent Saronic Gulf and Argolic Gulf of Greece. This group of islands is the traditional holiday destination for urbanites from Athens and Attica. For those coming from the Greek capital, these islands provide peace and tranquillity. The best time to visit is in autumn or spring when the beaches are not too crowded. These islands are in great demand during the summer months and so booking ahead is highly recommended. 

The Islands

The islands are Salamina, Aegina, Hydra, Poros, Spetses, Dokos and Angistri. Each islands having its own character. As mentioned, the islands attract large numbers of tourists from all over the world, but they are mostly visited by Athenian citizens avoiding the summer heat of Athens at the weekends. Greek history is ever present on the islands and there are a number of great museums and archaeological sites worth visiting. Alternatively, you can just stroll around and marvel at the beautiful villas and neoclassical public buildings on the islands.

Facts about the Saronic Islands

The islands boast pristine beaches with crystal clear waters. The inland landscape that reaches down to the sea is characterized by coniferous woods and expanses of olive groves that surround the little fishing villages and ports.  One of the islands, Egina, has lots of history and art, while Poros is quiet and green - ideal for space and relaxation.  Hydra and Spetses became known due to the part they played during the War of Independence, so have plenty of modern history to explore.  In short, each island is interesting and deserves a visit to appreciate the diversity present in this corner of Greece.

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