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Ireland is a land with a magical aura, it is an immensely beautiful island in the northern Atlantic Ocean, where history blends with mythical tales of fairies and elves. When one visits Ireland, green is the predominant colour that remains imprinted in your memory and there are greens of every shade on these Celtic lands.

A brief history of Ireland

Throughout history, Ireland has been invaded by all kinds of people from near and far. Archaeological records date the first settlements back to 8000 BC. in the Mesolithic period. Then, in the Iron Age, Ireland was divided into various kingdoms probably by the druids and other warriors. Ireland was never part of the Roman Empire and the relation between the local tribes and the Empire are not documented.

The Middle Ages saw invasions from the Christians, the Vikings, the Normans and the English. From the sixteenth century onwards, the English tried to make Ireland part of Britain and from then on, there was a long dark period of civil wars.

What to see

Dublin is Ireland's capital, it is intimate and culturally cutting-edge, it is definitely one of Europe's must-see destinations. In Dublin there is plenty to do, you can visit the world-famous Guinness Storehouse or the Cathedral of Saint Patrick, which dates back to the 1200s. The castle is also worth a visit, it was originally a Viking fortress, then it later became a court and finally the Kilmainham Gaol prison.

The ring of Kerry is a gorgeous route to take, the trip will really make you appreciate the beauty of breathtaking coastal landscapes. Along the way you'll see Blarney Castle near the Martin River, it was built in the 1200s and then rebuilt in the 1400s. There are some lovely wild moors and white beaches in the west of Ireland too, where crumbling castles remind you of the pirate raids of the past. You can't miss one of Ireland's most magical places, The Dark Edges, with its avenue of beech trees, it feels like being inside a fairytale. Eastern Ireland is rich in lush landscapes and ancient charm, where you can get lost in the stories and legends.

What to eat in Ireland 

The most popular, traditional dish is surely Irish Stew, which is normally a beef casserole made with onions and potatoes and carrots. Colcannon is another famous Irish accompaniment, which consists of potatoes, leek and cabbage. Seafood Chowder is another hearty dish, it is a soup made with fresh mussels and fish because the seafood in Ireland is top quality. Don't forget to also try the Irish beer, it has a great flavour!

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