The island of Pianosa is located in the Tuscan Archipelago and is the only one of the group islands to have a flat landscape. Pianosa has a triangular shape and its coastline is partly rocky and partly sandy, thus providing visitors with a variety of beaches to visit. The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times and there are there are traces of human presence on the island since Palaeolithic times.  During the Roman era, the island was used as a place to keep deportees. There is a villa on the island named Villa di Agrippa from Roman times. There is also a system of catacombs, as part of the Chapel of San Giovanni Battista, that have been excavated on two levels which are also worth a look. In the mid-1800s, a prison was established in Pianosa and the island was populated with convicts who came carried out work in the fields. During the Fascist era the prison remained active and in 1968 it was transformed into a maximum security penitentiary, to the extent that the remaining population of the island was evacuated. In 2011, all penitentiary activities were definitively ceased and with this closure, it is now possible to visit the island in small groups and stay to enjoy the beautiful beaches until 17:00.

Places to visit

The island has only one hotel that can accommodate up to 10 people. In Pianosa it is possible to visit some historic forts such as Forte del Marchese, Forte Teglia, Torrette di Pianosa, Torre di Babele and the old port. Among the best beaches is the Cala San Giovanni, a white sandy beach from which you can admire the ruins of the former Roman villa.

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