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The Republic of Malta is an archipelago in the southern Mediterranean and obtained its independence from the UK in 1964, it has been a member state of the European Union since 2004. Malta is made up of three islands are Malta, Gozo and Comino. Today the official languages ​​are English and Maltese and the capital is Valletta.


Over the course of history, this small archipelago has undergone many invasions and has experienced various civilizations and cultures, including the Phoenicians, the Greeks, Romans and Arabs, until the French and English in more recent times. The origin of the name Malta is uncertain, perhaps found in the Greek word Melite, which means sweet. Or alternatively from the Arabic, the Phoenician derivation of Malit, which meant mountain.  The third idea about the origin of Maltas name traces the name Malta to the Hebrew word Malet, which translated means shelter, or asylum.

Places to visit in Malta

The most important cities in Malta are Valletta, the capital and a UNESCO site, it is also the hub of Malta's commercial activities. Medina is the ancient capital, with its Arabic architecture alongside Baroque. In addition to Valletta, Malta boasts two other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni, the only prehistoric temple in the world. It is an underground structure, thought to originally be a sanctuary, later becoming a necropolis. There are also five Megalithic temples, scattered throughout Malta and Gozo. The Sant'Iermu Forts, the Fort of Valletta, Catacombs of St. Paul and Ta' Kola Windmill, which dates back to 1700 are all places of artistic and architectural interest. There are also the Catacombs of St. Agatha and the The Grandmaster's Palace in Valletta. There are places to enjoy the coast all over Malta, including the cliffs of Malta, Wied iz-Zurrieq, Malta Bay and Paradise Bay.

Local Festivals 

The people of Malta are very attached to the island traditions and there are still many festivals in which the statues of saints are carried through the streets, to honor and celebrate them. 

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