Montenegro is a fascinating country overlooking the Adriatic sea in the Balkans. Despite being one of the smallest European states, there are both mountains and coastline in Montenegro where you can find a rich variety of fauna and flora. Montenegro suffered a tormented past but gained its independence in 2006 when Podgorica was confirmed as its capital.


The Turks were the first to conquer Montenegro in the fifteenth century, the coastal region was conquered by the Venetian Republic and named Venetian Albania. Later, Montenegro became part of the Ottoman Empire until the early nineteenth century. After the Turkish-Montenegrin wars, the country expanded its borders and declared independence in 1878.  Independence was short lived and was lost again in 1918 when the country became part of the Serbian Kingdom.

In 1945, Montenegro was declared the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as one of the six Federated Republics. In 1992, Serbia and Montenegro remained the only two republics still united, so much and in 2003 following an agreement, the Yugoslavian Federation was renamed as 'Serbia and Montenegro'. In 2006, Montenegro became an independent state once more, following a national referendum.

Places to see

There is a lot to do in Montenegro, from trekking in national parks such as Durmitor, rafting on the Tara river, to skiing in Kolasin. Montenegro also has some interesting cities, such as Bar, with its ancient centre and Herceg Novi near the Boka Kotorska Bay. The Ostrog Monastery is one of the most beautiful places to visit, it is an Orthodox monastery built into the cliffs at Ostroška Greda. The capital, Podgorica, is worth a visit due to its impressive old city, full of architecture from the Ottoman period, the Cathedral of the Resurrection and the natural history and archaeology museums. 

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