Many say that the most iconic country in Great Britain is Scotland, located in the north of the island, it is a surprising country with a strong identity and captivating natural landscapes. 

A brief history of Scotland

The kingdom of Scotland was born as an independent state during medieval times and remained so until the early 1700s, years in which the union with England and Ireland also took place, creating the Kingdom of Great Britain. The first settlements were of Celtic origin and later Scotland was occupied by the Romans, until the end of the Empire, when barbarian populations arrived. Viking raids occurred between the eighth and ninth centuries, wreaking havoc on the political structures that were developing at the time.

What to see in Scotland

There are many interesting places to see in Scotland and the Scottish cities are rich in history and culture. Edinburgh is the capital, it has a gothic style and is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. In Edinburgh, the castle is not to be missed, it dominates the city from a hill. The Highlands are Scotland's most famous natural landscape and this wilderness has been the site of many battles, it still attracts many visitors and is home to Loch Ness, which is full of charm and mystery. Another city not to be missed is Glasgow, which has a fantastic mix of modernity and history, with both Gothic and medieval architecture alongside and modern buildings.

What to eat in Scotland

One of the most popular dishes is salmon, it can be found smoked or unsmoked and is sometimes served with scrambled eggs and potatoes. Soups are a very popular Scottish culinary tradition, Cullen Shink is made from smoked fish, potatoes, onion and milk. Then there is Leek and Tattie soup made from leeks and potatoes. Haggis is a deeply rooted Scottish dish and is prepared with steamed sheep entrails, flavoured with spices and usually served with neeps and tatties, which are mashed potatoes and turnips. Cranachan must be the most popular dessert, which combines layers of whipped cream, whiskey, honey, raspberries and toasted rolled oats.

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