Guide of WALES

Wales is characterised by green hills and breathtaking jagged coastlines. It is located on the south-western coast of the island and it is one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.  Wales is bathed by the Irish sea and is also known as the Land of the Dragon, the red dragon is the national symbol and can be seen on the Welsh flag. 

A brief history of Wales 

People already inhabited Wales during the ice age. Then, if we make a great leap forward we arrive at the Roman era, wherein 48 BC, the Romans conquered and occupied the country for thirty years.

During the Middle Ages, Wales was divided into small states, which were converted to Christianity by the missionary monks that arrived. A large part of Wales was conquered by the Irish, and the coastal territories were subject to raids from Vikings and pirates. It was then conquered by the English and from that moment Wales lost some of its political, cultural, economic and linguistic independence to the English.

What to see in Wales

The capital, Cardiff, is located on the Bristol Channel and is known as the City of Castles. There is a wonderful castle right in the centre called Cardiff Castle, it is a mix of Roman, Gothic and medieval styles. There is also Castel Coch in the north of the capital, which looks like a typical fairytale castle.

Don't miss Portmeirion, an interesting and colourful village, designed by the architect Sir Bertram Clough William-Ellis. It was artificially built but well integrated into the surrounding landscape. For lovers of trekking, why not also visit Mount Snowdon? It's the highest peak in Wales and has wonderful views. The county of Pembrokeshire, in the south west of Wales, is also lovely, there are striking views, a fortress castle and traditional thatched houses.

What to eat in Wales

The national dish is Cawl, which is a soup with many variations that always include vegetables and boiled meat. In Wales, they also produce a delicious cheese called Caerphilly, made from cow's milk. It is usually served in Welsh Rarebit, which is cheese melted on slices of bread then seasoned in various ways. Welsh cakes are lovely and are normally served with tea, they are based on butter and sometimes contain dried fruit and raisins. The most famous cake in Wales is Bara Brith, a soft dough containing raisins and dried fruit.

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