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The sea crossing between Almeria and Nador is temporarily not in operation by any maritime company connected to NetFerry online booking system.


The port of Almeria, on the southern coast of Spain, is located in the city centre and mainly serves ferries. The port also has a cargo area for goods and an area for cruise ships. The most ferry connections are with North Africa to the ports of Al Hoceima and Nador. The passenger terminal is very busy full of tourists and visitors travelling to the North African coast, between Morocco and Algeria. Inside the passenger terminal, there are ticket offices for each company operating at the port, the terminal is always open and refreshments are available from cafes and a shop. There is an indoor p... [More information]

Address: Muelle de Ribera, RGMJ+VQ Almería, Spain
Directions: Google Map @ Almeria, port

Guide of NADOR

Nador is a Moroccan city on the east coast. It is renowned for its port trade and for the metal industry. It has always occupied a strategic position and acted as the lookout point for the Cape of the Three Forks that stretches towards Spain. History Nador is a meeting point of Berber, Phoenician, Roman and Islamic cultures. In the past, Nador was chosen as the seat of the kings of Morocco, for example, King Omar in the ninth century, later the Berber sovereign Yūsuf Ibn Tāshfīn, decided to place his troops on Mount Temsamane. In 1774 the sultan Mohammed Ben Abdallah concentrated his troops in... [More information]

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