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Catania has routes with Naples and Salerno (Italy) and La Valletta/Malta (Malta). The link between Catania and any other destination is temporarily not served by ferry operators in partnership with NetFerry online booking platform.


The port of Catania is the east coast of Sicily and offers connections to the mainland and the islands. Catania is a very old city founded by the Greeks in 729 BC, its first port was built in 1438 by King Alfonso of Aragon. Unfortunately it was destroyed several times by storms and earthquakes and then rebuilt from time to time. The expansion and modernization of this port took place in 1800, then in 1933 when a tidal wave deeply damaged this area of ​​the city.

During the Second World War the port was bombed and was once again rendered unusable. Today the port of Catania is an important hub for both commercial and tourist ships, its strategic location makes it useful for travel in both the Tyrrhenian Sea and in the Mediterranean. The intense tourist development in Sicily has been driven by the natural and historical  beauty of this island. It has led to the construction of a marina, able to deal with all the traffic coming through the city.

How to reach the port of Catania

The port is easily reachable by car along the motorways, if you're coming from Palermo, take the A19 motorway and if you're coming from Messina A18 and follow the signs to Catania Porto. If you come from Syracuse you should take the E45 up to the Asse del Servizi exit.

To get to the port of Catania by train just get off at Catania Centrale train station, the port is only 800 meters from the station. To reach the port from the airport you have to travel eight kilometers, there are public transport connections or you can opt for a taxi.

Address: Via Acquicella Porto 95121 Catania CT
Directions: Google Map @ Catania, port