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The links between Cyclades Islands and Limnos are served by Blue Star Ferries only who offer 2 weekly sailings, with a maximum duration of 23 hr 20 min and primarily afternoon and evening departures. Ferries on this route can transport both foot passengers and vehicles. Once on board, you will find bars, shops and self service restaurants to make your crossing more relaxing and comfortable. Cabin accommodation allows you to rest with peace of mind.

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Mirina is a town on the island of Limnos, in the Northern Aegean. Its beautiful centre stands on a hilly peninsula, on what today is called Kastro. History Mirina has been around since ancient times and it was formally part of Asia Minor. The historian Herodotus tells us that the city tried to defend itself from the siege of Miltiades, but had to surrender to the Athenians and later, around 133 AD, it was conquered by the Romans. It is thought that on the Acropolis there was a temple of Athena Lemnia.  Places to visit The necropolis in Myrina is beautiful and is home to various important ... [More information]


2 weekly sailings