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The ferry route between Lampedusa and Linosa is covered by the maritime operators Caronte & Tourist and Liberty Lines who have more than 23 sailings per week with very frequent daily departures and crossing times shorter than 2 hours. This line allows you to transport cars, motorbikes, campers and trucks - when boarding, simply follow the instructions at the departure port. Once on board, you can enjoy all of the services provided to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

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Lampedusa is the capital on the island of the same name and the port of arrival for connections to and from Sicily and the neighboring island of Linosa. The port is located on the southwest side of the island, opposite Sicily. It consists of three natural dams that act as bays, one is the old port and another the new one. At the old port there is mooring for yachts and a marina with fishing boats. Ferries dock in the new port of Cavallo Bianco. At the pier of Cala Pisana, in the new port, there is a second landing for boats, where it is easier to dock when winds from the libeccio make it diffi... [More information]

Address: Via Punta Favaloro Lampedusa AG
Directions: Google Map @ Lampedusa, port

Guide of LINOSA

Linosa is 50 km from Lampedusa, 167 km from Sicily and only 165 km from the African continent. The ancient history of Linosa is turbulent, despite being a very small and remote it has been famous since ancient times and we find it mentioned in the works of Strabo and Pliny the Elder. The human settlement on the island was due to the colonial policy of the Bourbons, it began with just thirty inhabitants that came from Ustica, Agrigento and Pantelleria in 1845. Before then, the island was probably just used on occasional basis by pirates and seasonal fishermen. The island has always based its ec... [More information]


6 weekly sailings - Duration: 2 hours
Ship: SA
17 weekly sailings - Duration: 1 hour
Ships: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
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How long is the crossing from LAMPEDUSA to LINOSA?

The duration of the crossing from LAMPEDUSA to LINOSA is usually 2 hours with CARONTE & TOURIST and 1 hour with LIBERTY LINES. Travel times may vary depending on the date and time of departure.

How many crossings are there per week from LAMPEDUSA to LINOSA?

The ferry operator CARONTE & TOURIST provides 6 crossings per week and LIBERTY LINES provides 17 crossings per week. The number of crossings may vary depending on the time of year.

Which ferry operators provide services from LAMPEDUSA to LINOSA?

The LAMPEDUSA LINOSA route is served by well-known operators such as Caronte & Tourist and Liberty Lines.

How much is a ferry ticket from LAMPEDUSA to LINOSA?

The price of the ticket from LAMPEDUSA to LINOSA varies according to the date and time of departure and the offers available at the time of booking. Our website always gives you the best available price. Book now and save.

Can I take my car on the line from LAMPEDUSA to LINOSA?

The ferries on this route, allow transportation of cars, motorcycles, campers and trucks.

Looking for information on the return journey?

If you are looking for information on your return journey, click this link Ferry from LINOSA to LAMPEDUSA .