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The crossing between Långnäs and Tallinn is not available at the moment by ferry operators in partnership with NetFerry.


The port of Långnäs is located on the Swedish island of Åland. The terminal was built in the 1960s and was used until 1975, then during the 1990s the port was rennovated and the construction of a large terminal was built to welcome ferries and cruise ships. This is now used as an alternative to the other port in Mariehamn. The port is about 30 kilometers from Mariehamn but the two ports are connected by shuttles and taxis, which can be booked in advance. The bus terminal is located at the exit of the port, connections coincide with the arrival of passenger ships, except at nig... [More information]

Address: Långnäsvägen, 22630, Åland Islands
Directions: Google Map @ Långnäs, port

Guide of TALLINN

Tallinn is a charming city on the Baltic Sea and the capital of Estonia. Here is an interesting fact about Tallinn; chimney sweeps in the city still wear 19th-century uniforms and if you come across one, be sure to touch his brass buttons, legend has it that this brings good luck! The city is a great place to explore architecture, history and art, but surprisingly also has some pleasant beaches nearby.  A brief history of Tallinn Established in the 10th century, on a site known as Lindanise, by the 13th century, the Danish had created a fortified city called Reval, which was Tallinn's nam... [More information]

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