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Port of LIPSI

The port of Lipsi provides lots of connections with the port of Piraeus by ferries and hydrofoils. The port is near the city center and there is a small Marina nearby where fishing boats moor. The port and surrounding area are the most lively parts of the island and you can find services such as shops and restaurants. The road that begins at the port and continues along the promenade leads to Platia Nikiforias, the central square. On the island you get around on foot or by bike and you do not need to bring a car, Car rental services are not available, the only motor vehicle that you can find o... [More information]

Address: Lipsi 850 01, Greece
Directions: Google Map @ Lipsi, port


On the south of the island of Symi is the ancient village of Panormitis. Panormitis is famous for its monastery, which has made the village a tourist destination. History Linked to the cult of St. Michael the Archangel, this town of the Dodecanese, like the rest of the island of Symi, was under the Roman Empire and then the Byzantine Empire. A few years since the beginning of 1500, the Ottoman empire conquers the island, which will have its independence in 1900. Places to visit Close to the port is the Venetian-style Monastery of the Archangel Michael, according to legend, on the first night o... [More information]