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The route connecting Naples and Vulcano is operated by Caronte & Tourist only who have 3 weekly sailings available with travel times ranging between 14 hr 35 min and 16 hr 30 min with evening boarding. If you need to bring your vehicle on board, you have many options thanks to the cargo capacity of the ships operating on this crossing. All ships have both cabins and reserved seating arrangements, allowing you to choose your preferred level of comfort as you travel.

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Port of NAPLES

The port of Naples is one of the major ports in Europe and second in the world after Hong Kong for passenger travel. The port is located in Piazza Municipio an ideal location to visit of the city. In addition, the port is well connected by public transport and is located about 15 km from Capodichino airport, just a few minutes from the motorway exit and 10 minutes from the Napoli Centrale train station in Piazza Garibaldi. Passengers are boarded either from the Molo Beverello for hydrofoils, or from Calata Porta Massa from which larger ferries depart. A shuttle service to and from Piazzale Ang... [More information]

Address: Calata Porta di Massa, 80133 Napoli NA
Directions: Google Map @ Naples, port

Guide of VULCANO

Vulcano is one of the Sicilian islands of the Aeolian archipelago. Since ancient times it has always been famous for volcanic activity, but it was not inhabited. The name Vulcano derives from the name that the Romans gave to the god Vulcan, and it is from here that the terms volcano and vulcanism derive. The last major eruption occurred in 1888, the crater became inactive, and the area began to be cultivated. The presence of the volcano is still evident from the fumaroles, jet streams, submarines and sulphurous mud, which is said to have therapeutic properties. Since Roman times the island has... [More information]


3 weekly sailings - Duration: 14 hours 35 minutes

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Want to learn more about your trip from NAPLES to VULCANO?

How long is the crossing from NAPLES to VULCANO?

The duration of the crossing from NAPLES to VULCANO is usually 16 hours 30 minutes with CARONTE & TOURIST. Travel times may vary depending on the date and time of departure.

How many crossings are there per week from NAPLES to VULCANO?

The ferry operator CARONTE & TOURIST provides 3 crossings per week. The number of crossings may vary depending on the time of year.

Which ferry operators provide services from NAPLES to VULCANO?

The NAPLES VULCANO route is served by Caronte & Tourist.

How much is a ferry ticket from NAPLES to VULCANO?

The price of the ticket from NAPLES to VULCANO varies according to the date and time of departure and the offers available at the time of booking. Our website always gives you the best available price. Book now and save.

Can I take my car on the line from NAPLES to VULCANO?

The ferries on this route are able to transport both passengers and vehicles.

Looking for information on the return journey?

If you are looking for information on your return journey, click this link Ferry from VULCANO to NAPLES.