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Port of NICE

Port Lympia is the name of the port of Nice. Its name derives from the source of a river, the Lympia, that fed a small lake in a nearby swamp area. The main connections are with Corsica and Sardinia. In 1748, King Charles Emmanuel III decided to build the port of Nice in the Lympia valley area at the foot of the ancient citadel, the construction took place over a century and a half. The port of Nice is the most important cement producing port in France alongside the Valle Spangle pebble treatment plants. The port of Nice has a beautiful lighthouse, that was built in the eighteenth century and ... [More information]

Address: Quai Amiral Infernet, 06300 Nice, France
Directions: Google Map @ Nice, port

Guide of CALVI

Calvi is in the north of Corsica and was already populated during Neolithic town and was expanded under the Roman emperor Tiberius. History The city was repeatedly destroyed by the Vandals and then the Saracens and Calvi was refounded in 1268 by Giovaninello de Loreto and became colonized by Ligurian families. Giovanni degli Avogari built an impregnable fort here which was besieged several times but it fell to neither the French or the Turks and was the last city on Corsica to become part of France. In 1793 Napoleon Bonaparte took refuge here and for this reason the English Admiral Nelson dest... [More information]