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The port of Otranto is a small bay that can accomodate various types of boats. In the past Otranto was a very important port for both trade with the East and as a strategic military post.  Until the 1990s the port housed merchants carrying tobacco. Today, in addition to its function as a passenger pot it is also a popular tourist spot. Ferries and hydrofoils leave from the port to Greece, the hydrofoil lines from Otranto to Corfù and Paxos are particularly popular. The port area also has many services for passengers including petrol stations, internet points, repair service, toilet... [More information]

Address: Via del Porto, 73028 Otranto LE
Directions: Google Map @ Otranto, port


Guide of CORFU

The Island of Corfu is in the Ionian Sea facing the west coast of mainland Greece, it is the marvellous destination chosen by many for the summer holidays and is that beautiful island that welcomed Ulysses before his return to Ithaca. History Its ancient name was Korkyra, which is similar to what Corfu is called by the Greeks today, Kerkyra. The first settlements were created by the Greeks of Eretria and the Illyrians, it later grew as a colony of Corinth. There were many invasions of Corfu because of its favourable position in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is characterized by the differen... [More information]

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