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The link between Palermo and Ustica is served by well known ferry operators such asCaronte & Tourist and Liberty Lines which together provide 40 weekly sailings with travel times ranging between 1 hr 30 min and 3 hours. frequent, all day departure times for these crossings. This line allows you to transport cars, motorbikes, campers and trucks - when boarding, simply follow the instructions at the departure port. Passengers will be welcomed on board by competent and qualified crews who will show you to your accommodation and all of the services available on board.

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The port of Palermo, in Sicily, is an important port that has undergone improvement and renovation in recent years. The port is part of the urban fabric of the city and offers many services to the passengers who transit here. The port has an interesting history and was built by the Phoenicians for trade and used by the Arabs and Romans. Today it serves routes throughout the Mediterranean and is equipped with catering services, tourist information offices, a parking area and luggage storage. The port is made up of three piers, Molo Santa Lucia, Molo Piave and Molo Vittorio Veneto, all connected... [More information]

Address: Via Francesco Crispi, 90133 Palermo, Italy
Directions: Google Map @ Palermo, port

Guide of USTICA

Ustica is an island about 52 km from Palermo; it is connected by ferry and hydrofoil. There are also connections from Favignana, Naples and Trapani. This tiny volcanic island is only 8.6 square kilometres and is the protruding part of a big submerged volcano, is also the oldest island in the Aeolian archipelago. Ustica gets its name from the Latin word Ustum, which means burnt because the solidified lava on the island are black and the jagged coastline has beautiful caves, inlets, and coves. The inhabitants mainly live off fishing and tourism and specialized agriculture is increasing with the ... [More information]


7 weekly sailings - Duration: 3 hours
33 weekly sailings - Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
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How long is the crossing from PALERMO to USTICA?

The duration of the crossing from PALERMO to USTICA is usually 3 hours with CARONTE & TOURIST and 1 hour 30 minutes with LIBERTY LINES. Travel times may vary depending on the date and time of departure.

How many crossings are there per week from PALERMO to USTICA?

The ferry operator CARONTE & TOURIST provides 7 crossings per week and LIBERTY LINES provides 33 crossings per week. The number of crossings may vary depending on the time of year.

Which ferry operators provide services from PALERMO to USTICA?

The PALERMO USTICA route is served by well-known operators such as Caronte & Tourist and Liberty Lines.

How much is a ferry ticket from PALERMO to USTICA?

The price of the ticket from PALERMO to USTICA varies according to the date and time of departure and the offers available at the time of booking. Our website always gives you the best available price. Book now and save.

Can I take my car on the line from PALERMO to USTICA?

The ferries on this route are able to transport both passengers and vehicles.

Looking for information on the return journey?

If you are looking for information on your return journey, click this link Ferry from USTICA to PALERMO .