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The international port of Hvar is located in the town of Stari Grad, north of the Dalmatian islands in Croatia; it is the main terminal for ferries to and from the Italian coast and is located three kilometers west of the city. You can reach the city from the port on foot along a path that runs alongside the sea to take in the beautiful views. If you prefer, you can get around on public transport, there is a bus to Stari Grad from the port. You can reach Hvar by ferry from Stari Grad. Be sure to stay on this unspoiled island with a clear seas and beautiful natural landscapes. Alternatively, yo... [More information]

Address: 21460, Stari Grad
Directions: Google Map @ Stari Grad (Hvar), port

Guide of ANCONA

Ancona, the capital of the region of Marches, is on the Adriatic Coast and has one of the largest ports in Italy. Historical sites  Historians believe there were human settlements in this are since the Bronze Age. The foundations of the city originate from 387 BC built by the Syracusan Greeks and for about two hundred years 'Ankon' remained a Greek colony. The port was very important during the Roman Empire and with the fall of the empire the city was besieged by the Ostrogoths to become a Byzantine city. From the year one thousand Ancona was an autonomous city and sea republic.  Dur... [More information]