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The port of Stromboli is located on the eastern side of the island, in Scari and has a 50 meter long pier with no shelter from the elements. The port area also offers services for private boats, such as refueling and drinking water. In the immediate vicinity of the port there are many services from restaurants to bars and hotels. There is a very beautiful pebble beach near the port called Scari. The island does not have an airport, so to reach the port of Stromboli you can use Falcone-Borsellino international airport in Palermo. The airport is 30 kilometers from the port which is directly conn... [More information]

Address: Pontile, Stromboli ME
Directions: Google Map @ Stromboli, port


Filicudi is an island in the Aeolian Sea, to the north of Sicily. This island lies in the middle of the Mediterranean and is dominated by an extinct volcano called Fossa Felci. The population of the island is less than two hundred people, distributed across the island in various locations that are all connected by only one paved road and some small pedestrian streets. A brief history of Filicudi The island owes its name to the fern plants that grow here in abundance. The island was already inhabited in ancient times, and some artefacts suggest the presence of a population living here during th... [More information]