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The sea crossing between Trieste and Durres is temporarily not in operation by ferry operators in partnership with NetFerry.


The port of Trieste is a European crossroads, connecting the Adriatic, the Balkans and the entire Mediterranean.  The port also hosts vessels coming in from the Far East. Trieste is the busiest port in Italy and is made up of five different commercial and industrial areas, it covers an area of 2.3 million square meters with 1.8 million square meters of free zones, storage areas account for 925 thousand square meters and docks go on for 12 km. How to reach Trieste  Trieste can be reached by car along the E61 road, just take Via Commerciale and follow the signs for the Port. Trieste ai... [More information]

Address: Via dello Scalo Legnami, 34145 Trieste TS
Directions: Google Map @ Trieste, port

Guide of DURRES

The city of Durrës is on the Albanian Adriatic coast and contains 3000 years of history to be discovered just by walking through its streets. It is a city that is more than just beaches and sea, the Roman buildings and the archaeological remains also capture your imagination. History Durres was Greek colony until 431 B.C. the year in which the Illyrians managed to take it back. Later, the city was under the Romans who expanded and economically developed the city. The city is at a strategic point along the Adriatic and has been ruled by many different populations, the Byzantines, Normans, ... [More information]