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Kusadasi is linked with Pythagorio/Samos and Vathi/Samos (Aegean Islands) and Patmos (Dodecanese Islands). The sea crossing to Kusadasi is temporarily not in operation by ferry operators in partnership with NetFerry.


Kuşadası is an important city in Turkey, located on the west coast and part of the province of Aydın. The city of Kuşadası has a glorious past and was one of the main Mediterranean ports for Anatolia in ancient times, when it was called Neapolis. The city was under the rule of the Persians, until it was conquered by Alexander the Great in 334 BC. Kuşadası then became an important religious center under the Roman Empire. Subsequently with the Ottoman domination the city grew in terms of size and cutlure, but the city's port has always been an important commercial and military hub.   P... [More information]