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Naples Mergellina is reachable from Lipari, Panarea, Santa Marina/Salina, Stromboli and Vulcano (Aeolian Islands) and Ponza and Ventotene (Pontine Islands). The ferry lines to Naples Mergellina are served by Snav only who make 45 weekly sailings available with travel times ranging bewteen 1 hr 50 min and 6 hr 50 min. mostly morning and evening departure times for these crossings. This sea crossing is also served by hydrofoils so travel times for foot passengers can be reduced, but there are also normal ferries available catering for both vehicles and foot passengers.

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Situated in the coastal area of Naples, Mergellina Port is in the neighbourhood known as Chiaia. A brief history of Naples Merganlina In the past, Chiaia was a little fishing village and port, separated from the city of Naples. When Naples expanded to the west under the Spaniards in the 17th century and then Bourbons, the Italian government incorporated Mergellina into the greater metropolitan area of Naples. Today the fishing port still functions and also provides private moorings along with ferry services to the islands in the bay of Naples and various destinations along the coast of Campani... [More information]


45 weekly sailings

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
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Which ports are connected with NAPLES MERGELLINA?

NAPLES MERGELLINA is connected Lipari, Panarea, Santa Marina/Salina, Stromboli and Vulcano (Aeolian Islands) and Ponza and Ventotene (Pontine Islands).

Which ferry operators provide services to NAPLES MERGELLINA?

Snav operate services to NAPLES MERGELLINA.


NAPLES MERGELLINA is located on Via Francesco Caracciolo, 80122 Napoli NA. For more directions to the port, click here Google Map @ Naples Mergellina, port

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