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Pantelleria Island are reachable by ferry from Sicily (Mazara Del Vallo and Trapani). The ferry routes beetween # :destFrom and Pantelleria Island are covered by 2 ferry operators (Caronte & Tourist and Liberty Lines) which carry out 15 trips per week with mostly afternoon and evening boardings and crossing times ranging between 2 hr 10 min and 7 hr 30 min. On this route you can choose between the high-speed boats provided by Liberty Lines and the cargo capacity of the other companies, that allow you to carry your car, motorbike or camper.

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Pantelleria is the largest of islands situated off the coast of Sicily. It is the westernmost point and only 84 km separate Pantelleria from Africa, which lies at the same latitude as Tunisia. The warm climate is moderated by the sea winds, which is why the Arabic name for the island was Qawsarah or Bent el Rion, which means daughter of the wind. Pantelleria, the current name, has Late Greek or Byzantine origins and means land rich in offerings. The jagged coasts are surrounded by a crystalline sea, the seabeds are rich in flora and fauna. The the steep slopes on the island are covered with te... [More information]

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