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Ravenna is connected by sea routes with Igoumenitsa and Patras (Greece). The sea crossing to Ravenna is temporarily not in operation by maritime companies partnering with NetFerry online services.

Guide of RAVENNA

Ravenna is a great centre of Romagna on the Adriatic coast and is rich in history and culture. Its elegance and charm can be seen in the streets and buildings and the city boasts eight UNESCO world heritage. History In the past Ravenna was the capital of the Western Roman Empire, the Kingdom of the Ostrogoths and the Byzantine Exarchate. Throughout the ancient period, the city of Ravenna was only accessible only by sea and under the emperor, Caesar Ottaviano Augusto the Romans located the upper Adriatic military fleet here. The Romans also dug the Fossa Augustea, a canal that connected the Po ... [More information]