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Saba has sea connections with Philipsburg/St Maarten (Dutch Caribbean). The to Saba ferry line is not available at the moment by ferry operators in partnership with NetFerry online booking platform.

Guide of SABA

Saba is a 13 square kilometre island in the Caribbean; it is the smallest sovereign state in the Americas. Both English and Dutch are spoken on Saba as it was colonized by the Dutch 1816. However, English is the principal language, and since the 19th-century the school system has used English. Saban's are proud of their history of environmental conservation, calling Saba 'The Unspoiled Queen' the capital is called 'The Bottom'. A brief history of Saba. The Ciboney people inhabited Saba as early as the 1100s BC, later in around 800 AD, the Arawak people from South America settled on the island.... [More information]