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Seiano has sea connections with Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento (Italy). The link to Seiano is temporarily not served by any operator connected to NetFerry online ticketing system.

Guide of SEIANO

Seiano is a small fraction of larger Vico Equense, a coastal town in the Bay of Naples, Southern Italy. Interestingly, a famous Russian ballet dancer Violetta Elvin took refuge in Vico Equense in 1956 after abandoning a successful international dancing career. A biographical novel by Raffaele Lauro entitled 'Dance The Love – A Star in Vico Equense' documents her life and career.  A brief history of the area  Vico Equense dates back to the Etruscans who had settlements all along the coast from Pompeii to Pontecagnano. Formerly known as Aequa; the Tyrrhenians settled the area, th... [More information]