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Terracina is connected with Ponza and Ventotene (Pontine Islands). The link to Terracina is temporarily not served by any ferry companies on the NetFerry website.


Terracina is a town on the west coast of Italy, it is situated south of Rome and has a population of around 46,000. Terracina hosts several sagre, or festivals, including a strawberry festival in late Spring, a chestnut festival in Autumn, and a muscatel grape festival in late Summer. Legend has it that Terracina’s muscatel wine was Ulysses favourite tipple and that the muscatel grapes are the sweetest in the region. A brief history of Terracina Terracina appears in ancient sources with two names: the Latin Terracina and the Volscian Anxur. The Greeks settled here, then the Romans and th... [More information]