Events and festivals

Sep 04, 20

Music festivals are one of the best things about the summer, and Croatia hosts a wide range of festivals to suit everyone's taste. Over the past decade, the quality of the lineups has been improving year upon year, and Croatia's beachside locations have always been stunning, so get your tickets booked and glow paint packed for some fun in the sun at a Croatian music fest this summer. Here is a list of Netferry's top picks:

Goulash Disko

May 29, 20

If you are planning a holiday with your little ones, Netferry has some exciting ideas for you! Today, we leave for England, a country that captivates you with its greenery and magical atmosphere. The UK hosts a complete summer calendar of events and festivals for families. Festivals can be great with kids; they are full of colours, music and fun; the experience will remain in their memories for years to come! 

Netferry has researched some of the most exciting festivals that will take place in the coming months in England, whether it is sunny or rainy, the important thing is to have fun, through music, dance and art! Combine this with camping and some mud to unleash the festival spirit in all of us!

May 14, 20

Located in the middle between east and west, Turkey is a vast land of mountains, scrubland and coastline. There are both fascinating cosmopolitan cities and little hidden villages with ancient traditions to explore. Today, netferry takes you to the southern coast of Turkey, to the famous resort of town of Bodrum. The city is ancient and considered the homeland of the Gods; archaeologically it is 5000 years old. Today Bodrum's clear sea and sandy bays are still breathtaking, and the city remains a hub for art, history and culture.

There is a unique event that takes place in Bodrum, which in the past was widespread throughout Anatolia; a Camel Fight, known as Deve Guresi. It's not a bloody event like Spanish bullfighting; instead, the fight is between the two male Tulu camels for the female! These days, the tradition is dying out because of the costs of transporting the camels and reluctance from the new generation to train the camels for the fights. There are an estimated 1000 camels left in these fights across Turkey today.

May 14, 20

May is the perfect month to explore the beautiful region of Andalusia in southern Spain. In today's blog, NetFerry lets you in on the parties and events taking place in Cordoba during the warm month of May! Cordoba lies in the Spanish hinterland, in the region of Andalusia. It’s a destination much loved by tourists, despite not being on the coast and has always attracted many tourists and travellers in search of Spanish towns with an authentic Moorish character.

There is some great architecture in Cordoba, the Arab-Christian Mezquita, the Royal Palace, the Roman bridge, medina, ancient watchtower tower, Torre de la Calahorra and the Jewish quarter with its fabulous synagogue.

Feb 18, 20

Poland, in Central Europe, has always been a country that both unifies and divides eastern and western Europe. Today the country is thriving, no longer hampered by foreign occupations, its culture and traditions are once again freely expressed, making Poland a fascinating place for travellers. Easter is a very heartfelt celebration for the Polish Christian population and the day of the Resurrection is known as Wielkanoc.

Easter traditions

Feb 03, 20

Slightly off the beaten track, Vilnius is an unusual but very pleasant European capital. It is definitely worth a visit, not only because it is beautiful and architecturally impressive, but also because of its pagan traditions and celebrations.

Lithuania has a calendar full of festivals evoking its Pagan past. Lithuanian paganism was only recently re-established in 1967 and was officially recognised as a religion in Lithuania in 1992. The song, Romuva, is a neo-pagan hymn to nature and tradition. Here is a list of some events to put in your calendar if you are planning a trip to Lithuania…

Feb 07, 20

Carnival is one of the best festivals of the calendar year and its a celebration shared by most Christian countries, so there are Carnival events across the world. Today NetFerry explores Carnival in Greece, the masquerade party known to Greeks as Apokries. When translated, the word Apokries means "abstinence from meat", referring to the period of celebration before Lent. This festival has ancient roots that you can trace back to pagan traditions and the festivities in honour of Dionysus, the god of wine and Goliards!

The festive period

Jan 07, 20

Today, Netferry takes you to Naples, one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Italy - there's so much to discover!

In the past Naples was a very important city and the port of Napoli has always welcomed ships and passengers, from all over the world! Tourists come here to experience the rich local culture and get lost in the sights and sounds of this decadent city. There are plenty of Neapolitan traditions and culinary delights to explore which will make your trip an unforgettable experience. At the end of the Christmas season, people in Naples celebrate the epiphany with festivities all around the city.