Netferry’s favourite beaches in the North Aegean Islands 

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The North Aegean islands, located in the Greek northeastern Aegean Sea to the northeast of Athens and they run south along the Turkish coast. There are five large islands are Ikaria, Samos, Lesvos, Limnos and Chios along with smaller Inousses and Psara. The North Aegean Islands are really varied, they each have distinct landscape and cultures because geologically speaking, they are not in a physical chain.  Many of the islands did, in fact, have some degree of political autonomy at various points in time and this diversity and spirit of independence is still evident. 


Ikaria is marked by jagged landscapes, pristine beaches and a famously long-lived, left-leaning population. One of the most spectacular beaches on Ikaria is Seychelles Beach. The clue is in the name here, this pebbly beach has emerald waters and it is surrounded by impressive rocks, it is very impressive. Nas is another secluded beach with exotic waters, its also frequented by naturists. 


Chios provides fertile ground for the planet’s only gum-producing mastic trees. Emporios, Mavra Volia, and Karfas are the most famous Chios beaches, organized with tourist facilities. Driving around the island, visitors will come up with many secluded and unorganized Chios beaches, perfect for total relaxation and privacy. 


Lesvos produces half of the world’s ouzo, so there’s plenty to drink on this island. And if all of that drinking leaves you This beach is right by the airport outside Mytilini town and makes any flight delays much more bearable, or even desirable. Simply walk through the terminal, leave the airport, cross the street and go swimming at this beach, which also features a lovely taverna serving local seafood. Skala Eressos is another really popular beach for its 2.5 km strip of sand and crystal clear waters. This beach has a blue flag and some of the cleanest waters in the Med. 


Being located so far south Samos is semitropical, it is also only a mile from Turkey.  Tsamadou Beach is perhaps the best beach on the island. You get to the beach along a narrow path through a forest of pine trees and dense vegetation. The path is really beautiful and shaded,  as you approach the beach you begin to glimpse the turquoise blue waters between the pines. The beach has tiny white pebbles, which is why the water is so crystalline and there are plenty of sunbeds and beach bar, paradise. 


Samothraki is home to the ancient Sanctuary of the Great Gods, while well-watered Thasos seems an extension of the mainland. Most people consider Vatos beach the most beautiful in Samothrace. It is large, with white sand and blue-green waters. Located in the southern part of the island, the easiest way to get to Vatos is by sea aboard a boat from Therma. If you continue by boat even further east from Vatos, there is Kremastos waterfall, cascading from a height of almost one hundred meters into the sea!  The beach is Vatos is located at the exit of a gorge with the same name, so is surrounded by high cliffs and caves and the evergreen trees reach all the way to the sand. The alternative way to access Vatos is to climb down the gorge, but it is very steep, so inexperienced hikers are discouraged to do so. 


Apiganos is agreed upon as the most beautiful beach on this little island,  it has a long sandy beach with crystal waters, and never gets too crowded. The most secluded beach is the cove of Fourkeros, located 25 kilometres east. It is worth visiting for its sandy beach and clear blue waters.


This is a small rocky island in the middle of the sea, it remains largely unexploited by tourism and the locals are always keen to welcome new faces to their lovely home. There are cobblestone streets, bright pink bougainvillaea cascading from the white cubic houses and plenty of good food. This island is great is you really want to get away from the crowds and the best beach on the island Psili Ammos. 


When on Limnos, head for Gomati beach, it a long strip of sandy beach and crystal waters. It is hardly touched by tourism and its possible to nab a sunbed and umbrella for free, just for the price of a drink at the bar.

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