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Croatia is in Southern Europe, bordering Serbia to the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to the south, Slovenia and Hungary to the north and on the west, is the Adriatic sea.

Nature and Culture

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb, but natural beauty sets Croatia apart, as one of the most bio-diverse areas of Europe. For example, there are over seven thousand caves in Croatia, home to the proteus, the only cave dwelling vertebrate in Europe. There are also forests covering around 44% of the country. There are around 380 protected species in Croatia, including wolves, the Eurasian griffin, wild boar and the brown bear.

In ancient times Croatia was populated by the Illyrians, until the arrival of the Romans who conquered the country and ruled until the fifth century. Before the fall of the Roman Empire, Croatia was invaded by Ostrogoths and Avars, then again reconquered by the Romans and finally occupied by the Croats in the sixth century. The Kingdom of Croatia became autonomous in 925, when King Tomislav came to rule. Economically, the country relies on light industry and the tertiary sector, but in recent times tourism has been a growing part of the economy.

National Parks in Croatia 

There are 10 natural parks and 8 national parks in Croatia. Including Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Paklenica National Park, the Brijuni National Park, the Risnjak National Park, the Krka National Park, the Kornati National Park, the Northern Velebit National Park and the Mljet National Park.

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