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The beautiful city of Split is on the Dalmatian coast and is known for its coastline and beaches as well as beautiful architecture. Its name derives from the Greek word Asalathos, which is a shrub that is very common in Split and throughout Dalmatia.


Spalato was a Syracusan colony founded in 395 BC under the reign of Dionysius. It then became a Roman city built around the majestic palace of the emperor Diocletian. Spalato then became the capital of the Byzantine Empire and the Croatian Kingdom. After being part of the Croatian kingdom, the city became dominated by the Venetians. Afterwards the French and the Hapsburg Empire ruled Split and the Ottomans never managed to take it.

Places to see 

Diocletian's Palace is one of the best preserved Roman monuments in the city and represents the magnificence of the empire. Be sure to take a walk to Marjan gardens where you can enjoy a splendid view over the old city.

The Cathedral of San Doimo is worth a visit, it was the mausoleum of the Emperor Diocletian and it later became a Christian cathedral during the 7th century. You can also climb the bell tower of the cathedral, which is located right in the heart of the city and is 57 meters high, so there is a 360-degree view around Split. There are some museums in the city, including the Museum of the City of Split, which is set in a wonderful Gothic building, there is also the ethnographic museum with traditional ceramics and clothes and finally the Archaeological Museum.


Firule is a small beach that is very popular and it is a perfect place to swim in the clear waters of Split. Bacvice is the beach in the centre, it is a short distance from the port and is known for the quality of the amenities and the sea. For those searching for a quiet bay with pebbles and clear waters, our suggestion is to visit Ovcice, which also has a children's park and a bar where you can sip good refreshing drinks.

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