The Aegadian or Egadi Islands, are an archipelago off the western Sicilian coast. The largest islands are Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, followed by Maraone and the islet of Formica. This group of islands are characterised by crystal clear waters, making them a heavenly destination for those who enjoy water sports as there are many great spots for snorkelling, diving and sailing.

The Marine Reserve

The island is located within a marine reserve, and it's worth venturing into the mainland to enjoy long and interesting walks where you can marvel at the rich flora and fauna that also have many medicinal properties. The islands are also rich in bird species, one of the main reasons why the islands are designated within a protected area.


According to legend, the name of the islands derives their names of the shepherds, to whom the god Elios entrusted his flock. The Egadi Islands have been a crossroads for different populations throughout history. Even as far back as the Paleolithic era, the islands were inhabited by small tribes that settled along the coasts and lived off fishing and hunting. There were also many conquerers on the islands, from the Phoenicians to the Saracens and Normans and from the Spanish to the Bourbons. This breathtaking and captivating archipelago is a great place to visit if you're looking for nature, history and archaeology.

Local food

The islands are proud of their culinary tradition, cooked with local products and ingredients.  Do not miss the Cous Cous di Pesce - a fish couscous, spaghetti with sea urchins and many dishes based on tuna and local lobster. There are also sweets and liqueurs to be enjoyed, including limoncello infused with Egadi herbs.

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