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The island of Procida is part of the Flegree islands, in the Gulf of Naples. Procida is only 4 km from the mainland and is connected by a bridge to the nearby islet of Vivara. This island is of volcanic origin and has crescent-shaped gulfs where you can recognize the traces of ancient craters.

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It is thought that the name Procida derives from the Greek ‘prochetai’, which means ‘lies’, because by looking at morphology of the island it appears to be lying on the sea, the myth, on the other hand, is that the name Procida is derived from a nurse from Aeneas, who was buried on this island. The island is extraordinarily beautiful and there are many literary works dedicated it. Procida offers sites of historical, natural and cultural interest, including Marina Grande, the ancient village of Terra Murata, the fishing village of Marina Corricella and Marina Chiaiolella. These villages are full of the traditional island architecture with arches, external stairs, and balconies in bright pastel shades. 


The coasts of Procida are low and sandy in some areas and right next to the sea elsewhere, so there are lots of bays, which act as shelters for small boats and over time, three small ports in the north, south and east of the island developed. The island of Procida has beautiful beaches including the Spiaggia della Chiaia on the east coast of the island. Its name derives from Neapolitan dialect meaning ‘beach’ and it is sandy and surrounded by walls. Procida castle stands above it and overlooks the gardens of some stately villas.

Corricella beach, on the northern coast of Procida, is close to a seaside village from which this takes its name, it has a golden beach and transparent sea, so it looks like a little paradise surrounded by cliffs. Spiaggia Chiaiolella, on the west coast of Procida, is near the main tourist centre and is therefore equipped with every amenity you could need. Cliffs and wild landscape border the coastline. Spiaggia Chiaiolella has very clear water with a sandy seabed with some steep cliffs opposite.



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The islands of Procida, Ischia and Capri, in the beautiful Gulf of Naples, are connected to the mainland by frequent ferries from Naples and Sorrento.  Most of the boats ar...