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Situated in northern Europe, Norway is a diverse country with a variety of interesting landscapes, from the Svalbard islands near the North Pole to the countryside of the south characterised by forests and fjords.


Norway's history begins in the Ice Age when the first populations began to arrive from Siberia. Norway then became the land of the Viking raids and was subsequently subjected rule by Denmark and Sweden. World War II saw Norway be taken under Nazi power, but after this dark period, the country has grown and been reborn. In the sixties, Norway discovered oil and natural gas which has led it to become one of the richest states in Europe.

Places to visit 

The 'Aurora Borealis', or 'Northern Lights' are one of the most extraordinary phenomena in the world and can be found in Norway. But aside from that, on the Tromshalvøya peninsula, you can find the capital city of the Arctic, Tromsø. In Tromsø, you can visit the polar museum, the Mack brewery - dating back to the late 1800s and you can even spot whales. During the summer, the sun still shines midnight and hopefully catch a glimpse of the northern lights! Bergen is the capital of the fjords and is a city full of traditional wooden houses and mountain peaks in the distance. Oslo, the capital, was named as European green capital of 2019. There is some fantastic modern architecture, restaurants museums. The Viking Ship Museum is particularly interesting, you can get a close look at three Viking ships that date back to the ninth century.

Norweigan food

Norwegian recipes are often composed of some typical ingredients, mainly fish, cereals, local vegetables, berries or lamb. Brunost is the most famous cheese in Norway and is delicious accompanied with something sweet. Gravlaks, which are thin slices of salmon marinated in dill, sugar and salt is another typical dish. Raspeball, are potato dumplings stuffed with meat and Tilslørte bondepiker is a typical desert, made with cooked apples, cream, toasted bread arranged in layers and baked.

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