How do I get to the fjords in Norway?

Flåm, Norway

Have you ever wanted to visit Norway? But didn’t know where to head for? Many of us have an image of Norway in our mind, as a country of great fjords and epic landscapes, but how do you get to these remote places and how do you choose the best location? Well, Netferry can help you with this, we recommend that instead of heading by aeroplane straight for Oslo, why not travel by ferry to somewhere along the coast to really make the most of the journey and make your holiday more environmentally friendly. 

Netferry recommends heading to the little-known port of Flåm, a little village to the west of the capital situated in an area that is famous for fjords. Flåm lies at the end of Aurlandsfjord fjord, which is a branch of the vast Sognefjord fjord. Sognefjorden, is also known as the King of the Fjords, because it is the largest and deepest fjord in Norway, it stretches 205 kilometres inland from the sea.

A fun thing to do whilst in the village is to take the train between Flåm and Myrdal because this train journey has some absolutely spectacular scenery along the way. This railway line between Flåm and Myrdal runs every day, in Flåm you begin at sea level and then you head up to Myrdal, a mountain railway station, almost 900 meters above sea level. The route goes through gorgeous mountain scenery, including a few waterfalls and some extremely steep mountain sides. The journey is so lovely, that halfway through, the train makes a photo stop at the impressive Kjosfossen waterfall. 

Another great activity to do in Flåm is to take a boat trip along the fjords, admiring them from water level really makes you appreciate their epic size! The company that runs the fjord tours is called Flåm Guide Service and they have daily departures all year around! Be sure to wear some warm clothes, but in case you forget, the lovely people at Flåm Guide Service will lend you some more layers. There is also the option to go hiking with local guides, who use their expertise to take you into the hills safely to get some brilliant views. They have many routes available depending on your level of experience.

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