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England is a country in Great Britain, surrounded by the Irish and North Seas. It is a fascinating country, covered in green hills and historic towns. England has a Queen and a Royal Family, which provide plenty of places and history to explore.


The history in England begins 780,000 years ago when the first populations inhabited the country.  There is lots of evidence of prehistoric and ancient populations can be seen in places like Stonehenge. The Roman Empire invaded England and the many beautiful spa towns such as Bath, Harrogate and evidence evicence of this.

The Middle Ages saw England inhabited and dominated by the Angles, Saxons and Jutes. There were many invasions and even civil wars throughout the Middle Ages. Then during the Tudor period, England made progress in cultural development and territorial expansion. England was also the birthplace of the industrial revolution, a period of extraordinary change in production and manufacture which catalysed many improvements and the socio-economic conditions.

Places to visit

The capital London is a fantastic metropolis, full of historic and contemporary culture. Buckingham Palace, the Queen's royal residence, is unmissable. There is the London Eye, Big Ben and many interesting museums from the Tate to the British Museum. Bath is less than 200 kilometres from London and is a very interesting town where you can visit the Roman baths and historic buildings. York is another city founded by the Romans in north-east of England and has a breathtaking Gothic cathedral dating back to the 13th century. Liverpool, Manchester and Oxford are a few more culturally interesting cities to visit. 


Bournemouth has a very famous beach and promenade and so does the town of Brighton. The south coast offers miles of sandy expanse and coastline and Hengistbury Head is a beautiful spot to visit. The best beaches in England are situated in Cornwall, where there are plenty of sandy and rocky beaches and historic fishing villages, such as Fristal and Watergate bays, Newquay is also a great town on the Atlantic coast.

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