FAQ travel agencies affiliation

Below is a list with the most frequent questions on our travel agencies affiliation system: if you require any further information about affiliation search here or contact our call center.

1. General Information

Who can register for online booking?

All licensed travel agents.

How do I get quotation?

Enter the following information on the booking form: ferry line, departure date and number of passengers and vehicles. By pressing the search button you will be bale to view all the ferry lines available based on your selected criteria. Once you have selected the desired route, you will have the possibility to choose the passenger accommodation and the type of vehicle. By clicking on "Calculate Price" you will get the total price of the reservation.

What information is required for passengers and vehicles?

To complete a reservation you must enter all passenger names and surnames, gender, dates of birth and identification, in addition to the model and number plate of the vehicles. For some routes the place of birth is also required.

What will I receive once the booking is completed?

The reservation system provides you with either a printable voucher (without rates), a booking summary (with rates) or an e-ticket (for the licensed companies). We advise you to always print the voucher and e-ticket. Please always check the general conditions of sale for NetFerry and the carrier.

2. Payment and commission

How do I pay for my booking?

The reservation and fees are paid in full by credit card (MasterCard, Visa). Alternatively, you can request account management by means of a deposit account.

What is a deposit account?

The deposit account is used if you want to set up an account with us, avoid using a credit card and get multiple tickets issued faster. With a deposit account you can book as many tickets as you like until the amount deposited has been used up. You can pay the deposit by credit card or bank transfer.

How is commission refunded?

Once the booking request is complete, the online booking will redirect you to the bank page, debiting the total amount of the reservation. The payment is required gross, the commission will be reimbursed within 24 hours on the credit card used at the time of confirmation (bank times vary depending on the credit card circuit, NetFerry immediately performs the transfer operation) or reimbursing the amount of commission on the deposit account.

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