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Port of DURRES

The port of Durrës is located in the south of the city, in the Bay of Durrës . This bay is almost eighteen kilometers long. Because the port is located in a bay it is well protected from storms ensuring shelter from the northwest to the east. Durrës is located on a peninsula and is the second largest city in Albania, with ancient roots dating back to Greek times, the port has always been in a strategic location  for civilizations of the past and continues to be today, as Durrës is Albania's most important port. To reach the port of Durrës you can travel by ferry f... [More information]

Address: Rruga Doganes Durrës, Albania
Directions: Google Map @ Durres, port

Guide of TRIESTE

Trieste lies between Italy and Istria and has an interesting mixture of cultures and traditions. It is a port city and still plays a fundamental role in the flow of international goods to Eastern Europe today. Brief history The city is the capital of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, which covers northeast Italy, bordering with Austria, Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea and forming a bridge between western and central-southern Europe. It has been an important maritime-railway junction since Hapsburg Empire and it was the main link to the sea. The Roman name for the city was Tergeste, and during th... [More information]