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Trieste is reachable from Durres (Albania) and Igoumenitsa and Patras (Greece) and Corfu (Ionian Islands) and Ancona (Italy). The ferry lines to Trieste are served by the maritime operator Adria Ferries who have one weekly sailing available with travel times not exceeding 37 hours with mostly afternoon boarding. You can also get to your destination with your car because ferries that operate on this crossing allow vehicles.

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Guide of TRIESTE

Trieste lies between Italy and Istria and has an interesting mixture of cultures and traditions. It is a port city and still plays a fundamental role in the flow of international goods to Eastern Europe today. Brief history The city is the capital of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, which covers northeast Italy, bordering with Austria, Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea and forming a bridge between western and central-southern Europe. It has been an important maritime-railway junction since Hapsburg Empire and it was the main link to the sea. The Roman name for the city was Tergeste, and during th... [More information]

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1 weekly sailing