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Skiathos Paros route map


The port of Skiathos offers connections to the Sporades islands and are located in an inlet on the eastern side of the island. The port is divided into two by Bourtzi, a small peninsula. Around the port  there are food outlets, apartments to rent and bus connections to other places on the island. The main bus lines cover three areas: the first connects with the center of the capital with the port and with Koukounaries; the second connects the capital with Ksanemo and the third link operates between Skiathos town and Evaggelistrias Monastery. The island of Skiathos also has an airport abou... [More information]

Address: Paraliakos Skiathos 370 02, Greece
Directions: Google Map @ Skiathos, port


Guide of PAROS

The beautiful island of Paros has what everyone wants in Greek island, crystal clear sea and sandy beaches under a blinding sun. History Like most of the Cyclades, Paros is not very green and it is mainly rocky, the island has been famous for the production of marble since ancient times. Marble extracted from its quarries to sculpt the famous Greek masterpieces. Since ancient times Paros has been conquered by numerous populations including the Macedonians, the Romans, Byzantines and Venetians and there are numerous archaeological sites that prove this. There are numerous monasteries on the is... [More information]

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