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The sea crossing between Thessaloniki and Heraklion is temporarily not in operation by maritime companies partnering with NetFerry online services.

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The heart of the city of Thessaloniki is its commercial port, located in the immediate vicinity of the White Tower which is the symbol of the city. The port is in a strategic geographical location and is well connected by road networks. It is located within the Thermaicos Bay, to the west of the city center of Thessaloniki. It is one of the largest ports in Greece and a gateway to the Balkans and the south-east of Europe in general. The port area consists of a passenger terminal, built in 1920s, it has services of all kinds for passengers given that there are more than 162,000 passing through ... [More information]

Address: Averof Thessaloniki 546 26, Greece
Directions: Google Map @ Thessaloniki, port



Heraklion is the most populated city on the island of Crete and is its regional capital. The town, like the rest of Crete, has an excellent climate all year round and it is possible to swim until late autumn. Heraklion is one of the richest urban centers in all of Greece and like all capitals, it is at an intersection between a new and ancient culture and this can be seen in the urban landscape. The Venetian walls are the focal point of the city and give the city its proud and proud character. Places to visit  Heraklion was the last bastion of resistance against the Ottoman Turks who besi... [More information]

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