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Skopelos is linked with Mantoudi/Evia, Thessaloniki and Volos (Greece) and Alonissos, Glossa/Skopelos and Skiathos (Sporades Islands). The to Skopelos line is temporarily not covered by ferry operators in partnership with NetFerry.

Map of the ports connected with  Agnontas (Skopelos)


Agnontas is situated on the southern coast of the island of Skopelos, in a small sheltered cove that serves as the island's second port for ferries and hydrofoils. A brief history of Agnontas  This characteristic seaside town owes its name to Agnontas, the champion of the ancient Olympic Games in 569.  Agnontas was born on the island of Skopelos and when he returned to his homeland, his ship landed on the shores of the area that his countrymen called Agnontas, in his honour. Places to visit in Agnontas The town of Agnontas is renowned for its beaches and it is a popular tourist desti... [More information]

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